About Us

In the world of reduced attention span and decrease in conversion rates, Flashyvideo has positioned itself as a leading production company in creating fun & attention grabbing animated explainer videos.

We take pride in conveying your story or message in a way that appeals & engages your targets and prospects.

Our solution for using compelling and highly captivating techniques, to create explainer videos that sell and engages effectively separates us from others.

Not only do we love working hard on every explainer video, we also love leveraging the power of a well-oiled team of experienced and highly talented professional script writers, voice over artists and video animators, dedicated to fulfilling your project’s demands.

From telling your story through

  • a series of eye-catching text,
  • creating a storyboard that translates your idea perfectly
  • and animating characters best suited to your message, story or brand.

  • Everything we do is geared towards meeting your need for engaging video content and helping your business get to that next level you crave!

    Meet our CEO-Founder

    Vidit Gandhi


    Vidit Gandhi is the Founder and CEO of Book Your Item and www.flashyvideo.com. He holds a degree of B.Tech. - Engineering in Information Technology. Mr. Gandhi has been associated with few start ups and some bands as a Digital & Video Marketing expert for more than 8 years. He helped start ups and brands to strengthen their digital presence online & increase in revenue. 

    Known to be a pioneer in the field of Digital & Video Marketing, Mr. Vidit has introduced several new digital marketing strategies & innovations through his career. His most recent achievement included the award he has received for the excellent performance of the year from a start up for which he was working for.

    Anjali Gaba

    Marketing, Networking & Operations Head

    Anjali Gaba holds a degree of B.Tech. from IIT Delhi, MS from Purdue University, USA and also a degree of MBA from FORE School, Delhi. She has experience in education and research with various startups. She likes meeting new people, travelling and creating professional relationships. She is contributing to Marketing, Networking and Operations in our organization.

    Varun Ahuja

    Business Development Manager - BDM

    Varun Ahuja is pursuing B.com from University of Delhi. Varun is passionate about learning new things and working with us as Business Development Manager and assisting our organization in various other departments as well.



    As a well respected name in the animated explainer video industry. We focus on creating creative and effective explainer videos specifically designed for your business that make you grow more.


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